Utilities for AJAX requests

  • Deferred view rendering

Developer Notes

Deferred Rendering

To defer view rendering, simply add 'deferred' => true to view vars.

echo elgg_view('my_view', [
   // tells the view system to defer view render
   'deferred' => true,

   // if set to false, placeholder will not be rendered
   // if set to a value, that value will be used as the placeholder
   // if not set, default ajax loader will be used
   'placeholder' => false,

   // you can pass other view vars, as you would with normal views
   // various Elgg data will be serialized and available to the deferred view
   // some of the values may need to be wrapped into a Serializable instance
   'entity' => get_entity(123),
   'user' => get_user(234),