Using ZIP files

Distribution (.zip) plugin files can be downloaded from hypeJunction website. To add a plugin, unzip it into your /mod directory, making sure the directories are not nested, and that manifest.xml is in the root of the plugin folder.

Using Composer

To use composer, you need to have an active subscription that gives you access to individual packages.

## Add your satis credentials to global config
## You can find your username and token by logging into and navigating to one of the downloads.

composer config --global --auth <username> <token>

Update your composer.json to include:

"repositories": [
        "type": "composer",
        "url": ""

New Project

The easiest way to create an Elgg project with hypeJunction plugins installed is by running the following commands.

## Create a new Elgg project with hypeJunction Pro plugins pre-installed

composer create-project hypejunction/hypejunction:dev-master ./project-name

cd ./project-name

composer install
composer install # 2nd call is currently required

./elgg-cli install
./elgg-cli plugins:activate hypeCli
./elgg-cli hypejunction:install

Existing Project

You can add plugins to an existing project, using

composer require hypejunction/<plugin_name>

Additional Info

Learn about installation in Elgg docs.